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Pokemon Masters Hack

Pokémon Masters is yet another interesting addition to the world-famous Pokémon series. The game can be enjoyed on Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store. The game works on a simple concept, wherein every gaming character is a trainer who is the proud owner of its personal Pokémon.



In the beginning of the game, you will reach the island of Pasio for participating in the Pokémon Masters League. Here you will come across various other trainers that have been picked from numerous Pokémon games like Kris from Pokémon Crystal, Marlon from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, and so on. Each one of them has been allotted a Pokémon, which cannot be changed in the course of the game. The Pokémon and its master together form a ‘Sync Pair’. At the moment, there are 65 such Sync Pairs available in the game. Gradually, many more Sync pairs will be added in the game by the developers.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of Pokémons? Before you begin, here are some important aspects of Pokémon Masters game that you should be acquainted with, so read them well.

Important tips and tricks

  • Each Sync Pair has a level and six stats, which comprises of Attack, Defense, HP, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Each stats help in enhancing the level of the pair and will let you achieve success quickly. For instance; HP represents the health of your Pokémon and attack denotes the power of physical moves.
  • You will require resources for upgrading your sync pair so that it reaches the maximum level. The easiest way to earn resources is by completing Training and Co-op missions. Some of the best rewards can be earned by finishing the hard levels of missions repeatedly. The current strength of your Sync Pair can be identified by its level. To increase level, you need to earn Experience Points.
  • Each Sync Pair has different types of weaknesses and strengths. To win the battles, you need to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses and develop your pairs accordingly. This strategy will help you to reach your gaming goals quickly.
  • The game lacks the use of Stamina for regenerating playing time. So, you can play the game for as long as you want without waiting for recharges.
  • As you keep battling in the game with other trainees, your Pokémon moves will deplete. You need to wait for regenerating them.
  • Gems are the in-game currency that will be required for scouting other Sync Pairs. You can earn Gems by completing various stories and quests. If you want to acquire loads of Gems instantly, then you can use Pokemon Masters hack.
  • The more you acquire Gems, the more you spend! For every 100 Gems that you spend in the game, you gain points. And, for every 400 Points that you acquire, you can unlock a Sync Pair. This feature attracts several gamers to spend real money on buying Gems. However, if you are already using Pokémon Masters cheats then you need not worry as you can generate as many Gems as you want instantly.
  • In case you procure a Sync Pair that already exists with you, then you can use it to enhance power of the particular pair or boost its star ratings.
  • Ensure that you login daily so that you can earn bonuses each day. Also, you will get different missions to perform every day and completing them will let you earn several resources.
  • As soon as every trainer’s Unity Gauge gets filled up, you can make use of Unity Attacks. These attacks will help you to cause extra high damage on the opponents.


To conclude, Pokémon Masters is a fun-to-play game during your short work breaks. Whenever you are busy or in a hurry, you can select the Auto icon as soon as the battle begins and let your team fight automatically with the opponents. This will enable you to win in-game currencies and other resources. So, are you prepared to go to the island of Pasio for indulging in some interesting Pokémon battles? Don’t forget to use Pokémon Masters hack, which will help you to generate unlimited amount of in-game currencies within seconds.

Have fun in the Pokémon League Tournament!

Pokemon Masters Hacks

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