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Hero Wars Hack

Gathering an army of powerful heroes, training them to become invincible, and combating with the evil forces of Archdemon, is all that you need to do in Hero Wars – Fantasy World game. In the beginning, you will reach the thriving lands of Dominion. However, Dominion is invaded by Archdemon and you need to fight with them to bring back peace among the citizens. To help you in your mission, you will require several heroes that have special abilities. Heroes can be acquired or unlocked as you progress in the game. So, are you ready to begin?



Vital Aspects Of Hero Wars Hack – Fantasy World Game

Heroes Of Hero Wars – Fantasy World Game

Training your heroes and making them more powerful should be your top-priority. Each hero has certain strengths and weaknesses. You need to research well on them so that you use the appropriate hero at the right time. At the end of each combat, you need to fight with bosses and as soon as you achieve success in the battle, you will acquire their powers. Thus, the strengths of your heroes will grow gradually. Participating in events and completing tricky campaigns will help you to acquire several rewards. Moreover, you can either create a guild or join a club to make gaming friends so that you can collectively win the battles.

In-game Currencies Of Hero Wars – Fantasy World Game


Gold is the primary currency that is required for upgrading your heroes and purchasing several resources. You can earn Gold by completing various tasks, watching advertorial videos, and earn them as rewards by unlocking chests or reaching new levels. In comparison to Emeralds, you can earn Gold easily. However, you even have to spend plenty of Gold for purchasing various items in the game. So, most of the gamers often fall short of Gold and start using Hero Wars cheats for generating infinite Gold instantly.


The premium in-game currency of Hero Wars – Fantasy World is Emeralds. You will require the currency for purchasing EXP potions, energy potions, Gold, and unlock skin stone chests as well as hero soulstone chests. You will even require Emeralds to speed up the process of playing in matches. It is tough to earn Emeralds in the game as you will acquire few amounts by completing certain quests, defeating bosses, and reaching new stages of the game. Hence, most of the gamers spend real cash to buy Emeralds from the game store, while others make use of Hero Wars Fantasy World hack for generating the currency in huge quantities.

Some More Ways To Acquire In-Game Currencies And Rewards

  • By logging to the game daily, you can earn bonuses each day. To earn it, you need to click on the clipboard tab on top left side of the screen and go to daily bonus icon.
  • You might come across some temporary Events that give rewards for logging in. So, keep an eye on them every day as they will be available only for short periods.
  • When you do daily quests in the game, you will earn various resources that will help you to progress. These quests change each day and are quite easy to complete. So, ensure that you do them daily for earning resources.
  • You can earn 60 Energy each day if you complete some of the daily quests. However, the trick here is to log in to the game during specified times.
  • By performing the long-term missions, you can earn several rewards like EXP potions, Hero Soul stones, friendship chips, Emeralds, and more.
  • Keep checking the envelope icon on top left of your screen. It is the icon to check your mails. There are occasions when the game developers give freebies for completing certain missions. So, by clicking on the icon you can check if you have received any reward.

To conclude, Hero Wars – Fantasy World game is an interesting and adventurous RPG where you will embark on a journey to an amazing fantasy land. It will test your survival skills as you need to use several strategies to earn currencies, collect heroes, and win battles. So, make use of our aforesaid Hero Wars – Fantasy World tips and have an enjoyable gaming experience.


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