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BitLife – Life Simulator is a choice-based story game where you can have complete control on your story. The game is text based, so there are no graphics involved, but each time you play the game you can experience different story altogether. The game traces story of a life right from birth to death and sometimes beyond that too. It can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices, but features in-app purchases. Also you can use BitLife Simulator Cheats to have anything you want in this game.

Here are some of the features of BitLife – Life Simulator


In the beginning, the game will give you an option to take birth at the nation of your choice. To make things more realistic, you get certain perks of being a citizen of a certain nation. For instance; the citizens of United States can obtain University education for free of cost, but citizens of United Kingdom cannot avail such facilities. Similarly, laws related to abortion, same sex dating, gambling legality, etc. are different for each nation. You can migrate to the nation of your choice at any time, but you will not be able to use your previously earned property or interact with friends and relatives after migrating.

Life Cycle

The game lets you define the story of your character throughout your life cycle. Here, you can either choose to lead an ideal life and be a responsible citizen or you can select the path of crime. Once you die, you can opt for replaying the game with different choices or you can also choose to continue the game as a child of your previous character.


Commonly known as Bitizens, the human characters in the game can be controlled by the players. You can frequently interact with your blood relatives and friends while enjoy an occasional banter with other characters during single action. Moreover, you can control your personality by making different choices in the game. You can even take control of different things such as happiness and health. These things may not seem important in the beginning, but they play a vital role in your life as they define your overall personality.


The game offers a chance to study hard and complete your education or drop out of school. If you successfully complete your school education, you can choose majority of your choices; which includes dancing, nursing, music, mathematics, etc. Moreover, you can either ask your parents to pay for your education or apply for an educational loan or university scholarship.


The game offers over 100 different jobs and career option to the players. Some of the careers can be selected at any time, while others require a certain level of education or Ph.D. The career options available in the game are corporate jobs such as computer programmer, analyst, auditor, etc. and medical jobs such as psychiatrist, pharmacist, and more. You can also choose to do part-time jobs such as store assistant, mechanic, receptionist, caretaker, lawnmower, etc. Each of these jobs gives different amount of compensation to the players.


The game offers a wide variety of activities for you to choose and play. These activities include crime, emigrate, love, mind and body, plastic surgery, and more. The activities in the game are very important as they will help you in achieving your desired ribbon at the end of your life cycle.


After you die, a ribbon appears on your grave. This ribbon describes your life in one word. Currently, the game features 30 different ribbons. You can play and replay the game again and again with the hope to earn a different ribbon each time. Some of the ribbons featured in the game are academic, addict, famous, lazy, stupid, rich, thief, wicked, etc.

The above-mentioned features make BitLife – Life Simulator one of the best simulation games available. The game is awesome but you can still maximize your gaming experience by using BitLife – Life Simulator hack. The tool will provide unlimited money, which will help you in buying properties and leading a comfortable life that otherwise requires extremely hard work. Another feature of BitLife-Life Simulator Cheats is that it will allow you to disable ads in the game; thus, letting you enjoy the seamless gaming experience.

To conclude, BitLife – Life Simulator is definitely worth trying, especially if you are a fan of simulation games. So, give it a shot!

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    This app is so great and has so many amazing things about it. It’s very addicting at times and one of my favorite games to play on my phone right now. this hack works!!! Thank you guys!

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